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THE WESTECH EDGE: School Security by Former Police Officers

We hire highly trained NYPD ex-law enforcement officers to protect our schools because students should only have to worry about their education while at school.

Our schools and colleges should be safe places to teach and learn, yet headlines frequently remind us that schools can also be the setting for some very dangerous occurrences. Educational institutions must be prepared to deal with a variety of school security threats, including weather emergencies, lockdown situations, bullying and other events.

Armed Guards

Our former NYPD officers also offer armed guard services. Our guards have completed intense training as cops: sprinting 50 yards and surmounting a barrier; climbing stairs; demonstrating the ability to physically restrain someone; running in pursuit; dragging a 175-pound mannequin 35 feet to simulate a rescue; and pulling the trigger of an unloaded firearm multiple times

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Unarmed Guards

The training courses for unarmed security guards often include an eight-hour pre-assignment introductory training course and a 16-hour on-the-job training course, as well as an eight-hour annual in-service training requirement. Armed security guards must undergo additional training, which typically includes a 47-hour firearms training course and eight-hour annual training requirements for both in-service work and firearms.

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Why Choose WESTECH

Non-Public School Security Bill

The bill known as “Intro 65” aims to reimburse non-public educational institutions for the costs associated with hiring and training security guards. With recent and tragic instances of violence in American schools, having trained security guards is more important than ever for students, parents, and teachers.

New York Mayor, Bill de Blasio, signed this bill into law in January 2016 to make security guards a more affordable resource for private and religious schools. This law went into effect in April 2016, with overwhelming approval from the City Council and a passing vote of 43-4. Ultimately, the Non-Public School Security Guard Bill is designed to make NYC communities safer by maintaining a strong presence in schools and deterring potential threats.

Private Schools

This is good news for private schools because it can reduce costs associated with keeping students and faculty safe on a daily basis. Security guards are already present at all New York City public schools. This bill will help ensure that Catholic schools, Jewish schools, Muslim schools, and other non-religious/non-public schools are just as protected as the public schools in the city. The program will reimburse schools with 300-499 students for the cost of one security guard and schools with 500-999 students for the costs of two security guards.

Mayor Blasio said that the spending cap for this effort will be $19.8 million dollars in its first year of implementation. Councilmember David Greenfield, who sponsored the bill, shared that this effort will protect up to 200,000 children who attend hundreds of private schools around the city.

Private School Qualifications

These are the qualifications that your school must have to be eligible for security guard reimbursement under the new law: 1. Non-public school, 2. Nonprofit elementary or secondary school, 3. Enrollment of 300 students or more, 4. Located in one of the five boroughs, 5. Must report criminal activity and public safety-related incidents to the NYPD, 6. Must work closely with the police department on all security measures.

To apply for the Non-Public School Security Guard Program, eligibility can be confirmed through the City’s online system for health, human service, and finance matters, known as HHS Accelerator. The program is administered by the Department of Citywide Administrative Services (DCAS). After being prequalified for the program by HHS Accelerator, qualified schools will be notified and asked to complete a full application.

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Not only does Westech provide around-the-clock security services for businesses and corporate offices, but for schools as well. Our school security expertise ranges from school buildings, dorms, libraries, and even graduation ceremonies. From kindergartens to colleges, we have the human capital and expertise necessary to provide the security your students and faculty deserve.

We provide experienced officers to act as the first line of defense against criminal activity and theft. Our guards are trained to liaise with local law enforcement when needed and possess the tact and professionalism to interact daily with students, threatening individuals, and the general public. We are committed to maintaining a strong presence in schools of all types, all shapes and sizes, and all grade levels.

These are some of the many ways that security guards keep schools safe: Survey school areas for suspicious behavior, monitor areas for illegal activity, divert dangerous situations, patrol schools on foot or in vehicles, listen to the safety concerns of students and faculty, investigate signs of damage and unlawful entry, collaborate with local law enforcement on matters